Webinar: Digital Technology, Emergency Response, and Citizen Reporting

Sep 22, 2020 | All

Update: Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Webinar, and a special thanks for our panelists for their participation! The following Webinar content is available here:

Join us and a panel of experts as we explore the ways in which this year East Africa has faced an unprecedented desert locust outbreak and COVID-19 crisis that threatens smallholder farmers’ incomes and regional food security. Mercy Corps AgriFin, supported by the Skoll Foundation and working in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University’s PlantVillage team, has deployed digital technologies and partnerships to enable citizen reporting of desert locust sightings from rural communities to support the mapping and control response beginning in Kenya and expanding to Ethiopia, reaching millions of farmers.

This event will explore the ways in which different digital channels can support farmers in the face of this current crisis and how the lessons learned can apply to future emergencies from pest, disease and climate change induced shocks.


DATE: Monday, September 21st 2020

TIME09:00 AM EST/02:00 PM London/04:00 PM EAT

LOCATIONZoom link available upon registration