AgriFin for Women (A4W) India

Dec 2023

AgriFin for Women (A4W) India is a Mercy Corps AgriFin Program supported by the Walmart Foundation and aimed at building digital financial inclusion for 100,000 women smallholder farmers (WSHFs), bundled with services to increase productivity, income, and resilience by at least 25% over two years. AgriFin harnesses the power of digital technology for women smallholder farmers (WSHFs) through a network of partnerships and smallholder farmers across 40 counties.

In India, the focus was building digital financial inclusion for 100,000 women smallholder farmers, bundled with services to increase income and resilience in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. Previous ecosystem studies in India showed that WSHFs were met with several barriers to productivity and income. These included low access to and use of formal financial services, sociocultural barriers, operational challenges across the agricultural value chain, and limitations in women’s collectivisation.

A detailed impact brief can be can be accessed here.

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