Eleanor Muli, 53, grows greens on her farm. She relies on rain-fed agriculture to support her family, a livelihood that has become increasingly fragile with the growing effects of climate change. She used DigiFarm to plant green grams (a legume). The plants were destroyed by the drought, drying up at only a few inches tall, but because the DigiFarm seeds automatically come with insurance, she is protected and won’t need to deplete other resources to cover the lost income.

We act as a trusted broker to promote collaboration and drive innovation amongst our partners that can transform the way smallholders feed the world.

We Believe

… that iteration precedes innovation, and the more experimental organisations are, the faster they can learn from failures, achieve breakthroughs of success, and grow.

We Aim

… to develop a variety of new digitally-enabled financial and information services tailored to the needs of the smallholder farmer, which can be delivered at scale.

We Expect

… that the most successful models can be replicated in markets where smallholders face similar barriers to financial and technical services and markets.

Partner Highlights

AgriFin employs a market facilitation model to drive scalable, commercial product innovation for smallholder farmers. We act as a trusted broker to promote innovation and collaboration amongst partners. Our partners are agricultural ecosystem actors, including mobile network operators, financial institutions, farmer networks, technology innovators, agriculture value chain players, government, and other key market stakeholders. To date, AgriFin has partnered with more than 100 organisations to deliver digitally enabled solutions to more than 5.5 million smallholder farmers across eight countries. 

Safaricom PLC

In collaboration with Kenya’s largest telecommunications provider, Safaricom, we built DigiFarm, a USSD-enabled mobile platform that provides free e-learning content on good farming practices and financial literacy, as well as discounted agricultural inputs and access to input credit based on the first tailored credit scores for farmers in Africa.


Financial Sector Deepening Trust, Tanzania (FSDT)

Our partnership with the Financial Services Deepening Trust of Tanzania (FSDT) has encompassed research and active program supports. We provided technical and strategic support for FSDT’s work developing an innovative financing approach in the cashew value chain. FSDT linked farmers in rural cooperatives and SACCOs to digital saving services using mobile money, led by the Mobile Network Operator TIGO.


Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO)

We worked with Zanaco as an innovation partner by developing a farmer-centric product, business modeling, and brokering relevant partnerships to launch AgriPay®, a mobile-based platform that provides a holistic customer value proposition for smallholder farmers.