The Team

Irene Warui

Irene Warui

Senior Climate & AgTech Strategy Officer

Irene’s passion for tech and marketing/communications has been a driving force in her career. At Mercy Corps AgriFin, she works on the Sprout project, transforming and digitizing content, as well as supporting marketing and communications activities for the Sprout platform. Her role involves disseminating the content to farmers through partner organizations, ensuring that they can leverage the power of digital technology to improve their income and livelihoods.

Previously, Irene led the Marketing & Communications efforts for several startups, including BRCK and Surf Kenya, and helped deploy Express Wi-Fi by Facebook hotspots across Kenya connecting over 1 million Kenyans to the internet.

She has a background in Computer Science with a BSc. from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT) and is in current pursuit of an MBA at the University of Nairobi.