Farmer Insights

George Mwangi is a young farmer in Kaigata Village, Kiambu County near Nairobi. He and his wife grow many different crops: maize, beans, potatoes, fruit trees of limes and avocadoes, pumpkin, sugar cane, aloe vera for medicinal purposes. The climate dictates what they choose to grow on their farm. George plans to build a green house to grow lettuces and tomatoes, he thinks it will take 1 month to build, so within 3 months they will be up and running the vegetables.

We conduct extensive human-centered design (HCD) research to uncover smallholder farmers’ aspirations, needs, financial behaviors and preferences in light of their unique challenges. 

Expensive & Low Quality Inputs

“Hay is expensive for me and I also don’t have big land to grow enough hay. These seeds I got from Nyala will go bad before I plant them.”

– Richard, Laikipia

Limited Financial Access

“I know I’ll have more milk if I feed my cow more. But whenever I request more inputs, I don’t get any as my co-op thinks I won’t be able to repay.”

– Mwahio, Ndaragua

Lack of Sufficient Information

“If only I knew what to feed my cow each passing day, I am sure I could have more milk.”

– Helen, Laikipia


Seasonal Mapping

Planning & Budgeting

Resources & Decisions

Role of Women

Financial Health

Choice of Inputs