60dB Partnership: How are Kenyan Farmers Faring in the Face of COVID-19?

We’re proud to be working with 60 Decibels to better understand the overall impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Kenyan farmers. The results of each data round will be shared on this page throughout the next four months.

New Digital Super Agent Model for Agriculture Bringing Financial Services and Last Mile Input Supplies to Smallholder Farmers In Tanzania

Financial Service Providers (FSPs) in Tanzania are in a conundrum. If they don’t innovate then they will be fighting for their survival. According to the 2017 Finscope Survey, Tanzania has over 50 banks with more than 15,000 branches. However, only 16.7% of the population use or have used banking services while 41% of adult Tanzanians meet most of their expenses through income generated from farming activities.

The Blueprint Series: The Emerging Potential for Government in Digital Agriculture at KALRO

There are very few ‘quick wins’ for agri-tech organizations working to provide smallholder farmers with affordable and meaningful products and services. It can take many years for innovators to reach the scale they need to become viable, with one of the main reasons being the critical need to keep products affordable for a segment of the farming population with very low spending power.

Landscaping of Digital Agriculture System of Indonesia

Mercy Corps AgriFin and Rabo Foundation are proud to release the outcome of a study carried out over several months, covering research and analysis into the demand-side, supply-side, and broader ecosystem of the digital agricultural space in Indonesia. As part of the study, we propose twelve potential interventions for development actors and funders engaging in digital services for agriculture in Indonesia.

The Blueprint Series: Is Whatsapp for Business (API) the future of smallholder farmer digitization in Africa?

DigiFarm, a Kenya-based social enterprise and subsidiary of Safaricom, provides a platform for smallholder farmers that offers convenient access to various services, including discounted inputs, financing, and advice on best farming practices, all from a 2G enabled mobile phone. DigiFarm won the Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets in this year’s GSMAs 2020 Global Mobile Awards.

We envision a future where every smallholder farmer prospers in a digitally interconnected world.



Smallholder farmers accessing bundled digital products and services



Partners driving delivery of viable, technology-enabled products and services for smallholder farmers


Countries of operation including Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe

ALE 2021: April 26th -29th (Registration Live!)

Mercy Corps AgriFin is proud to be hosting its 5th Annual Learning Event following six years of successful program work. The four-day conference will focus on impact & innovation and convene the industry’s top experts and practitioners. We have over 80 speakers lined up, exploring themes such as the impact of COVID-19 and Desert Locusts, the role of digital platforms in technology innovation, bundled financial and non-financial services, and impact research. 

While a key focus of the week will be reflecting on lessons learned, we also look to the future and key shifts in the areas of gender transformation and climate change – which will be reflected in our opening and closing plenaries. Our marketplace will play host to almost 150 organizations dedicated to driving transformational change in the agriculture sector around the globe. We will also use this opportunity to highlight the exceptional work of our partners through 12 recognition awards, presented by our Advisory Council. 

We leverage the power of digital technology, data, and a global network of partners to build a brighter future for smallholder farmers and the people they feed.

We design, test & scale digital services and products to boost their productivity & income and build their resilience to climate change


60_Decibels Partnership: How are Kenyan Farmers Faring in the Face of COVID-19? 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the government-mandated lockdowns have disrupted agricultural activities across Kenya. Our partner 60 Decibels has been studying Kenyan farmers to understand the impact of the pandemic on their livelihoods and wellbeing through monthly data collection from June 2020-February 2021. We are now working together with 60 Decibels for four additional rounds of data collection between March and June 2021 and publishing the results of each round on a monthly basis on this page. Access an infographic summary of the data, or click below to view the dashboard.


Smallholder farmers feed 1/3rd of the world’s population but live on less than $2.50 a day.



We design digital products and services with and for un-banked smallholders.



Learnings from the intersection of digital agriculture, financial services and data.




Our 100+ partners span multiple public, private and government sectors and actors.



We’ve uncovered a range of smallholder needs and behavioral insights.



We have reached more than 5.5 million smallholders across 8 countries with digital services.




Through a new partnership with NASA, Mercy Corps is expanding our AgriFin program to connect farmers with satellite data. State-of-the-art imagery, modeling, and analysis will help small-holder farmers manage their crops and adapt to climate change.